11th Annual Riverside Antler Breakfast

We hosted the 11th Annual Riverside Antler Breakfast Virtually in 2022 – Raising over $10,000 to Support the Year Round Operation of the Rivertowne Breakfast Program!

In its 11th year, the Riverside Antler Breakfast raised funds again in support of the year-round operation of the local Rivertowne Breakfast Program. We had lots of fun via our virtual event on December 10th, 2022 (check it out via the video below!)

Missed the fun in 2022? Check out our ways to support the Rivertowne Breakfast Program!

Ways to Support:

  • Become a Sponsor or Donate to our Live Auction – if you’d like to get involved for 2023, please get in touch with us at of****@ri**********.com

More about the Rivertowne Breakfast program:

The Rivertowne Breakfast Program was founded by Joan King and is championed by Rivertowne Safety 1st, a resident collective comprised of Toronto Community Housing women leaders dedicated to making a positive impact in their community. The Breakfast Program runs every Friday, year round, to provide about 100 children, seniors, and people with different abilities – including primarily BIPOC – in the local community with a free, warm breakfast.


It also aims to bring people in the community together and be supported regardless of their family income level, and give them something to look forward to while building a sense of community.


THANK YOU to 11th Annual Riverside Antler Breakfast organizers: Riverside BIA, Ralph Thornton Community Centre, Rivertowne Safety 1st and J&C Toronto Real Estate Group!